Hoarding Services

Junk-B-Gone provides full-service junk removal for hoarding cases, clutter, gross filth and OCD hoarder cleanup.

We understand that this is an extremely difficult time for the hoarder, their family, and friends. Our professional, friendly, courteous and non-judgmental crew are trained in this area and we even work with an on site therapist.


Junk-B-Gone is a professional hoarders cleaning and organizational expert that specializes in cleanup services. Unlike a traditional junk hauler companies that advertise junk all over their trucks, Junk-B-Gone is committed to protecting your privacy. Privacy is important when dealing with hoarders cleaning help and our goal is to transform your living condition into a respectful living space that you can be proud to bring your friends and family back. Best of all we have the processes to prevent others from ever knowing you had an issue in the first place. Imagine having family and friends over to visit, cook for, and just to hang out and watch television.

Junk-B-Gone Clean Up Includes:

  • An assigned case manager that will help “ hold your hand “ through the whole process. They are trained and compassionate throughout the whole process.
  • No judgments will be made of the hoarders or situation
  • Blank vehicles not advertising what we are doing
  • No conversations with anyone except you or your designated representative
  • Sorting and organizational service for the hoarders items
  • Dumpsters and trucks available for hauling unwanted items

Understanding The Hoarder

Junk-B-Gone understands that the possessions in your home aren’t junk or trash. We understand that these are items which have meaning to you and hold memories. We will implement a plan before we start so that your needs are considered to get your home into a livable condition.

Hoarding clean outs are for the removal of “stuff” from the house with trained and expert technicians who are professional and compassionate towards the hoarders cleaning situation.  If you need a quote please don’t hesitate and call. You’ll be sure to hear a strong sales pitch!




Junk-B-Gone cleans for hoarders in Montgomery County, Maryland, Prince Georges County, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the Washington DC metro area including cities such as: Potomac, Northwest Washington, Georgetown, Vienna, Alexandria, Arlington, Great Falls, McLean, Falls Church, Reston, Herndon, Sterling, Leesburg, Manassas, Bristow, Woodbridge, Springfield, Lorton, Annandale, and all other areas in the DC metro area.