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Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Company in Northern Virginia

Junk-B-Gone is the most affordable junk removal, demolition, and property clean up service in the¬†Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area. We are the best priced, most professional company you’ll come across and take pride in every aspect of our business and industry! We set the standards and are leading the industry with excellent customer service, prideful, hardworking, honest team members, methodical thinking! Junk-B-Gone focuses on the details like cleaning up after ourselves or asking YOU the client, “What else can we help you with?” When dealing with Junk-B-Gone you’ll have us on speed-dial because we never disappoint and our clients ALWAYS call us back without hesitation! Once you enter the Junk-B-Gone family, you are family for life and we will always hit you a home run!

Our Team:

We are are local family run Junk Removal and Demolition company. We have been in the industry for over a decade. Our team members consist of professional individuals who are courteous, hard working and honest. Our friendly team members will be happy to handle all your junk removal needs. Junk-B-Gone currently sets the standard for Junk Removal! We have a team full of people that love what they do and it shows in our work and 100% guaranteed customer service!

Full Service Junk Removal in Northern Virginia:

  • Household Junk Removal: Appliances, refrigerators, furniture, tables, chairs, mattresses and more.
  • Office Junk Removal: Computers, printers, monitors, chairs, tables and more.
  • General Junk Removal: Leaf removal, rubbish removal, general garage, backyard and renovation clean up.
  • Hoarding Services
  • Demolition: Hot tub removal/demolition Shed removal/demolition¬†and more.

We Recycle:

We deeply care about the environment and dispose responsibly. We have permits to use all local landfills. We strictly abide by county and state disposal laws. We take pride in giving back to the community! We donate to local group home and charities constantly! We even provide you with a donation receipt you can write off on your taxes! Visit our DONATION PICKUP page and and CHARITIES WE SUPPORT page for more information!


We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the lowest possible rates for junk removal services in Northern Virginia. Shop around and then give us a call, we will be happy to take off 10% or more off your lowest written estimate. We are a local family owned junk removal company in Northern Virginia with over a decade of experience whose business model yields very low overhead! We reward “YOU” the client in return and provide the best possible prices for Junk Removal in Northern Virginia. You’ve come across a company that cares and still sets the bar for excellence within the Junk Removal community. When compared to Junk-B-Gone there is ZERO competition! Give Junk-B-Gone the call! Feel free to look through our website! Give us a call (703) 939-5648 or send us an email and let us help you kick your junk goodbye!