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Why Realtors Need a Junk Removal Service for Foreclosed Properties an Estate Clean Out

Where to Begin With a Foreclosed Property or Estate Clean Out

Taking over a foreclosed property can be a headache. Dealing with the junk leftover can make it even worse. Your stuck with a home that people owed money on and which is likely to cost your bank or your agency money each day until it’s sold. You have to deal with the left behind clutter,junk, and filth. The problem is that the property won’t get sold looking like it does in its current state. The answer to your problem is Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services service ALL of Northern Virginia. We provide an array of clean out, junk removal, and estate clean out services and provide realtors with a discount. If YOU are a realtor, you shouldn’t have to deal with the clutter, junk, and clean out process, so place the call!
Foreclosed Property or Estate Clean Out..Where to Begin?!

Foreclosed Property or Estate Clean Out..Where to Begin?!

Some Realtors or companies will attempt to sell a house as is, meaning it’s responsibility of the new owners to clean it out. Let’s face the facts, though. That property isn’t going to get nearly as good a price if it had first been cleaned out. The property deserves to be sold in its tip top shape, and that will generate you a lot more money from the sale as well!

Hire Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services and Let Them Save the Day When Dealing With a Foreclosed Property!

  This is why have a junk removal company to assist with a foreclosed home. They can come in and clean out the home, hauling everything away that won’t benefit a new homeowner. If some of the furniture left is still in good question, it can be left in the home or property and add to its value. Anything that is junk, however, can be hauled away leaving behind a property that can now be lived in or a business which can now be used by a new company.
Another benefit of a junk removal company is their efficiency. While you and a team of volunteers can come in and start hauling things away on your own, it’s likely to take a while. And this is time you could spend doing other activities such as listing the home for sale and preparing for the open house. With a team of experienced haulers and most likely a number of vehicles, a junk removal company can empty the property in a fraction of the time.
There is some waste not all junk removal can take care of, because of the risk involved. Yet, they often know what agencies to call for such waste or which businesses can safely haul it away. They can also clear the property of yard waste, old swing sets, broken tree branches, and even a broken hot tub. As all Realtors know curb appeal is crucial to getting a home sold and sold fast.

When Dealing With a Foreclosed Property or Estate Clean Out, Here are the Tips!

Estate Clean Out and Clutter Removal Service in Northern Virginia

Estate Clean Out and Clutter Removal Service in Northern Virginia

Cons of Buying a Foreclosure

The Cons of Foreclosure, Estate Clean Out, and Junk Removal

The Cons of Foreclosure, Estate Clean Out, and Junk Removal

The disadvantages of buying a distressed property can be many, and for some people outweigh the opportunity for financial gain. The potential pitfalls will vary somewhat depending on your desired property’s current stage of foreclosure. Fore example, an investor may decide to demolish the property and start fresh, or they may decide to restore the property. Getting to this stage though, you must ensure that ALL Junk and Clutter has been removed from the property so you have a spacious clean home to show to buyers! You can hire a Junk Removal and Clutter Clean Out Service like Junk-B-Gone serving ALL of Northern Virginia!

Overdue home repairs & sub-standard property conditions

Homes in any stage of foreclosure may require significant repairs just to make them inhabitable. Pre-foreclosures are typically assumed to be a better bet in terms of home condition, but don’t forget that a homeowner is in pre-foreclosure because the owners could not keep up with their monthly mortgage payments. This might mean that they also did not have the funds to perform regular maintenance on the home or repair serious issues that arose during their occupancy in the estate. The result is things like mold buildup, broken pipes, and vermin or bug infestations. Evicted homeowners might have sold valuable appliances or done deliberate damage to the home. Uninhabited houses can also fall prey to thieves and vandals thus creating an urgency to  kick the junk and clutter goodbye! While in some stages you’ll have the opportunity to inspect a foreclosure property prior to finalizing the purchase, these homes are typically sold as-is; that means no repairs can be requested as a contingency of the sale. Usually a real estate investor or home flipper will be interested in the property or estate.    

Steep competition

Junk Removal Services in Fairfax, Virginia/Northern Virginia

Junk Removal Services in Fairfax, Virginia/Northern Virginia

Foreclosure properties attract a lot of interest because of the incredible value they can provide, especially for home and real-estate flippers. In addition to other homebuyers seeking a primary residence, you will be competing with investors who often make all-cash offers which can be tricky because although it may seem like a good idea to get the fast cash, there are many options you have to weigh out.

Homes in the auction stage of foreclosure are particularly attractive to seasoned investors because they often present the best opportunity to acquire property at a significant discount. Those who are unaccustomed with investigating foreclosed homes or unsure of local property values might find it difficult to compete or worse, end up overpaying for an undesirable home.

Should I Buy a Foreclosure

Let Junk-B-Gone Help! We Service ALL of Northern Virginia

Let Junk-B-Gone Help! We Service ALL of Northern Virginia

Wondering if you are prepared to purchase a distressed property? If you can answer “yes” to each of these questions, buying a foreclosure could be a good choice for you.

Are my finances in order?

While buying a home in foreclosure can result in a favorable purchase price, the additional costs are often significant and should not be ignored when budgeting for your home purchase. Upfront fees to research foreclosure properties, construction and repair expenses, and the cost of any inherited liens add up quickly. Be sure you are financially prepared for expenses that are not rolled into your mortgage and think about leaving a cushion for any surprises that come up along the way.

Do I have a team of professionals who can help me?

Working with foreclosure experts will help your distressed property buying process go much more smoothly. Consider finding a real estate agent with connections in the foreclosure market to help you locate potential properties, an attorney familiar with the foreclosure laws in your area to review all paperwork, and a reputable general contractor to oversee any necessary home repairs.  

Am I up for the rollercoaster ride?

Buying a home at any stage in the foreclosure process is not simple. Be honest about whether or not you are prepared for the time and effort it will take to complete the purchase and get the house. Luckily you are NOT alone and can rely on Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal and Estate Clean Out/Foreclosure Clean Out Service!

Who Can I Count On?

Kick YOUR Junk Goodbye with Junk-B-Gone!

Kick YOUR Junk Goodbye with Junk-B-Gone!

Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services serving Northern Virginia is here to help! Whether it be an estate clean out, eviction clean out, foreclosure clean out, or just junk removal, you can always rely on our services! We have over a decade of  experience and lead the industry with excellence! Give us a call @ 703-939-5648 or fill out the contact form on this page!
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How to Make Your Home More Spacious, Organized, and Kick That Junk Goodbye!


How to Make Your Home Larger By Organizing, Using Your Space Methodically, and Kicking the Junk Goodbye!

If you’re thinking of adding onto your home because it’s becoming too cramped, but can’t afford to have it done, then think about clearing your home of junk. With some quick tips and tricks from Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services, You’ll have 20-30% more space in your home in no time! The method is to trash the “junk” and “organize” or “relocate” the other items.  Storage units, boxes and bins, these are all great strategies that will be discussed further in this blog. It may take some time diligence to complete this “organizing” project of yours but when it comes to junk removal or labor services give Junk-B-Gone a call! We lead the junk removal industry with excellent service, affordable pricing, and we are the best at what we do!
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What an Eco-Friendly Junk Removal and Donation Service is ALL About!

Eco Friendly…What Comes to Mind?

When you think of an eco-friendly business think of Junk-B-Gone. We recycle as much as possible and really value disposing of items in the right manor. As you can imagine, we come across tons of junk here at Junk-B-Gone in the Northern Virginia area, but items that are in salvageable condition we donate to local families, charities, churches, and anyone in need! Libraries love Junk-B-Gone as we donate several thousand books a year! Our passion for the community and giving back is what drives our customer service. We stress donating items as much as possible, but also being eco-friendly! We set the bar of excellence in the Junk Removal industry! While our competitors simply just go to the landfill and dump their items into a pile, Junk-B-Gone does things differently. We really go the extra mile and spend the time to piece out items that either are hazardous and need to be disposed of properly, not just mixed in with regular trash, or if a family in need could use the items. Although Junk-B-Gone services the junk removal industry, we do our best to reduce the junk taken to the landfills and create and influx in good items that people in need can utilize. Donating items and disposing of them in an eco-friendly manor go hand and hand and it is important to choose the right company to take on your Junk Removal task. We don’t just simply load up and go to the landfill, but really try our hardest to contribute back. If you have hazardous material, we sort those items in our trucks instead of throwing it in with the rest of the trash and then dispose of it accordingly. Junk-B-Gone has proven time and time again that we are the leading company in Northern Virginia for junk removal services, hoarding clean up services, hot tub demolition services, shed demolition services, and much more! There’s no second thought or second call to make for our clients, it is just us because we are the best priced and we go the extra mile contributing back to the community in every possible way! Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning Tips and Clutter Free Living ;Junk Removal and Downsizing

With the arrival of spring, there is no need to stress out when you have a Junk Removal task for Junk-B-Gone whether it be a garage clean out, shed demolition/removal, hot tub demolition/removal, or just clutter around the house. when it comes to spring cleaning and Junk Removal think Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services in Northern Virginia! Our trained staff members not only perform junk removal tasks, but can also reorganize your garage and sort items a well as trash others thus creating room and space for that car that you’ve wanted to fit back in your garage. We do the heavy lifting and are the BEST priced Junk-Removal Service in Northern Virginia. We are family owned  and operated with over a decade of Junk Removal and Spring Cleaning Services!
Junk-B-Gone Spring Clean Out Junk Removal Service Northern Virginia

Junk-B-Gone Spring Clean Out Junk Removal Service Northern Virginia

Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Get Rid of Clothing

Everyone has those clothing items we hold on to even though we never use them, causing clutter. Instead of taking up space for something you won’t wear, go through your clothing thoroughly to decide what is worth keeping and what should go. If your clothing is viable, not to worry, Junk-B-Gone provides donation services in Northern Virginia as well! We will even provide you with a donation receipt that you can write off on your taxes. Spring cleaning and Junk go hand and hand so put Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services in Northern Virginia on speed-dial! We are number 1 and never disappoint!
Junk-B-Gone's Unmarked Junk Removal Trucks in Northern Virginia

Junk-B-Gone’s Unmarked Junk Removal Trucks in Northern Virginia


2. Invest in Storage Bins

Storage bins are a great way to both store your belongings and stay organized. As you’re putting away your winter clothing, decorations, and other belongings, consider investing in storage bins to best keep your winter belongings safe during the off season. Storing and labeling your bins will make each seasonal transition easier! Wen performing a task like a garage clean out or just clutter, you can count on Junk-B-Gone to provide bins and do the sorting for you for a small fee! We are a full service company and are here to help you with open arms and a warm smile leading the Junk Removal Industry in customer service for over a decade!  

3. Say Junk-B-Gone to Old Furniture!

Furniture Removal in Northern Virginia

Furniture Removal in Northern Virginia

Have an old chair that you just can’t seem to throw away? Worried about replacing it? When thinking spring cleaning and furniture removal always place the call to Junk-B-Gone and have us do the heavy lifting! If the furniture is in good condition we will donate the items and provide you with a donation receipt. If the items are Junk, not to worry we are here at your service to provide Junk Removal Services in Northern Virginia  

4. Organize Your Shed

Outdoor storage sheds are a great storage option for all your outdoor appliances and tools but they can often turn into a disorganized mess. Even if your focus for spring cleaning is on the inside of your home, consider cleaning out your shed and disposing of all your unused tools, sports equipment, and more. Junk-B-Gone junk removal services can help out with any shed organization or clean out you need! We are highly recommended and lead the industry with excellence paying attention to detail and proving top notch customer service!

Junk B-Gone Can Help!

We offer both commercial and residential junk removal services in Northern Virginia. We are FULL service which means we can remove junk from attics, backyards and garages. Anywhere on your property we will go and get the Junk. We are covered with insurance and our process is environment friendly. We have permits to all local landfills and donate items as often as possible. Before we’re done with the job you hired us for, take a look around for items that we can also remove. That old hut tub that no longer works, that broken down grill, or that vacuum that you recently replaced. We are always complimented on setting the bar of excellence in work ethic as well as customer service in the Junk Removal Industry. Once the job is done, we will even exceed your expectations.  After the job is complete, we will sweep and wash down the area. In short, you will always think of Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services when it comes to removal of junk during spring cleaning time!
Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services Provides Donation Services in Northern Virginia As Well!

Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services Provides Donation Services in Northern Virginia As Well!


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Hoarding can be very dangerous to your health, mental state, and your home. Hoarding dangers can include: mold growth, bug infestations, structural damage, and tripping hazards. Hoarding has been known to also overwhelm the mind, cause stress, anxiety, and drain energy levels. Not to worry! Junk-B-Gone Hoarding Clean Up Services in Northern Virginia can help! We provide top notch hoarding clean up and junk removal services! Whether its just too much clutter to handle or if you are at risk of the home you love being condemned, we can help you take back your home and kick the junk goodbye! Junk-B-Gone has provided hoarding clean up services for over a decade. We are the real deal and take pride in our work, treating each case tenderly and completing the job with the highest standards! We are the leading hoarding clean up service in Northern Virginia and would love for you to give us a call!
Junk-B-Gone Hoarding Clean Up Services in Northern Virginia, Fairfax, Virginia

Junk-B-Gone Hoarding Clean Up Services in Northern Virginia,

Health Hazards

Hoarding also causes health issues. Mold can grow in areas unable to be seen. Mold spores are dangerous and become airborne. They filter through your home each and every day. Bug infestations can be very dangerous to your health. Some bugs are dangerous just by their bite, such as the West Nile virus from mosquitos, and Lyme disease from ticks, other bugs can carry and spread bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella. Cockroaches can contribute to childhood asthma and allergies, spread bacteria, and grow in population rapidly. Hoarding can also bring infestations of rodents such as mice and rats that can also bring bacteria, diseases, and viruses such as the Hantavirus which can be fatal. Unsanitary conditions can be particularly dangerous as human or animal feces can spread airborne bacteria. Urine can raise ammonia levels to dangerous exposure levels and be harmful to those with cardiac or respiratory conditions. The much more common problems with hoarding are the tripping hazards which can cause broken bones and fracture hips especially in the elderly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013, 25,500 older adults died from unintentional falls.

Hazardous to Those That Help

Hoarding can also be harmful to those who are trying to help. Emergency response workers have been injured trying to help the hoarder during lifesaving emergencies like falling trying to make way through all the clutter. There have been a few cases of firefighters dying after being trapped by the clutter unable to escape fires. Luckily Junk-B-Gone hoarding clean up services can help! We have the know how and team members to take on any task! We are equipped with top of the line equipment and come prepared ready to handle bio-hazard jobs as well.  
Junk-B-Gone Bio-Hazard Cleaning Suits

Junk-B-Gone Bio-Hazard Cleaning Suits

Clutter can be fatal

Aside from the tripping hazards, clutter can be fatal. Clutter piles can fall and block paths to get around the house or block airflow causing either low levels of oxygen or cool air on hot days. Clutter can cause you the not have a working A/C unit or even cause the plumbing in your home to fail. Clutter can fall on vents or block other airways, causing a lack of oxygen and raising carbon dioxide levels. This can be very dangerous as the hoarder might not notice difficulty in breathing until it is too late. Heavier clutter can also fall on the hoarder and potentially injure them or trap them under the pile of clutter.

Cleaning Hazards

The cleaning process can also be dangerous and proper planning should be considered. Mold spores may be released into the air and breathed in. Bugs can scatter if their habitats are disturbed, and can bite the one who disturbed them or those nearby. Bug bites can contain either venom or harmful bacteria, and also carries the danger of becoming infected. There is a risk that mold or water damage may have weakened the structure and as the area is cleaned could collapse. Household cleaners can be hazardous if there isn’t enough airflow to carry the noxious fumes away. For this reason, it’s a good idea to hire Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal and Hoarding Clean Up Services with the cleaning process. Out staff members have been trained and have experience with any cleaning hazard. Even with these posed hazards we can still help you and are leading the industry with excellence. Hoarding cleaning companies can assess the situation and will know if a professional such as a contractor, pest control, or an exterminator is necessary in the cleanup process. The cleaning process can be dangerous and should be carefully planned out regarding the dangers listed above. Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Service in Northern Virginia Disposing house waste in a proper manner Special care is needed when a decision is taken to remove the junk from your house. Improper disposal could be pouring left over chemicals in the drain or into the storm sewers. You cannot throw them out along with the other trash, too, as pets and stray animals like to scrounge around in the trash. When the household waste is not properly disposed of, it could pollute the environment and pose a hazard not only to you, your family and your pets but also to the health of the neighborhood and community in general. Junk-B-Gone always uses safe methods of disposal that are legal and safe for the environment. We have permits to all local landfills and use them daily.
Junk-B-Gone Disposes of Junk and is Permitted for the use of Local Landfills and Recycling Centers

Junk-B-Gone Disposes of Junk and is Permitted for the use of Local Landfills and Recycling Centers

Junk-B-Gone is the number one junk removal and donation company when it comes to directing you to safe removal of junk,hazardous waste, as well as demolition services such as shed demolition and hot tub demolition. We will ensure that the household waste is disposed of in a proper way so that the septic tanks do not get contaminated with water waste and that the disposal methods do not pose a danger to the children and pets in the house. We offer flexible, cost-effective and environmentally sound waste disposal solutions and we are the best in the industry! Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services in Northern Virginia Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Service is trained to provide expert hoarding clean-up services. We are an experienced waste and junk removal company that efficiently cleans up spaces and restores homes. call us at 703-939-5648 or simply fill out the form on this page for a quote!     Continue Reading