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Donation Pickups

Home Donation Pickup

For a small fee, you can help give back to the community while we help make space in your home!
Our home donation process is all-inclusive, so just point and away the items go. We have a one up on our competitors! For example, we provide you with the donation receipt for the donation center in which we went to. You can write the donated items off on your taxes! Competitors simply arrive at the landfills and trash the items that in reality a needy family or group home could use and cherish for a lifetime! This mindset is embedded in our team members, so needless to say, the LOCAL donation centers and group homes love Junk-B-Gone! We donate as much as possible! And yes, we still come across a lot of junk which is expected, but you can definitely count on us to donate and contribute back to the community in which we live in. Junk-B-Gone Donation Service in Northern Virginia
As a fully licensed and insured business, our team can work in and around your property to retrieve the donation items without any risk or liability to you or your property. We are the BEST, and equipped with well trained professionals that treat your property with the up-most respect and care! Junk Removal can be a messy industry, but we not only clean up your property but we clean up the industry by setting the highest standard of service!
Over a Decade of Excellent Junk Removal Services in Northern Virginia

Over a Decade of Excellent Donation Pickup Services in Northern Virginia

Our team can also remove items located in an off-site storage facility, if needed. Too often do we get calls from clients that have tried calling several donation and junk removal companies, but some of them wouldn’t take specific items, or some of them wouldn’t retrieve items from within the home, but not to worry! Junk-B-Gone offers a FULL service company, so we will go anywhere on your property to get the items! and Yes we will take anything and everything! We are a one stop shop! Our roots are deeply embedded into the community and we are the right company for you to call! We don’t treat items as junk or trash, but rather contribute back and donate here at Junk-B-Gone! Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services in Northern Virginia  

Tax-Deductible Donation Pickup

Items you no longer want you need deserve a second life and thy certainly have many homes to go to! Junk-B-Gone junk removal services donate or recycle 70% of all tax-deductible office furniture donations, such as desks, chairs, computers, and other no-longer-used office equipment. Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services in Northern Virginia
Clean out your home and give back to your local community with priority donation pickup and delivery services from Junk-B-Gone. Make a difference and give us a call! Everyone has items that they want to get rid of and some people are just faced with downsizing and need to find a good home for their items the cannot take. That’s where you call Junk-B-Gone and we donate the items finding them great homes and then of course you get the donation receipt!    
We are committed to providing the highest quality of customer service with every donation pickup, and offer all customers a no-obligation estimate before any work is done. Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services in Northern Virginia