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Hoarding Services

Junk-B-Gone provides full-service junk removal for hoarding cases, clutter, gross filth and OCD hoarder cleanup. We are Northern Virginia’s Best hoarding clean up service and have remained so for over a decade! We can help get your home back to shape in no time! Our local, family owned company has very low overhead so we are able to reward “YOU” the client and provide the best priced hoarding services possible! We are not just “another’ junk removal company looking to trash out your home! We are her to help, we are a nonjudgmental company who sets the bar of excellence in the Junk Removal Industry so give us a call! We are warm and friendly and are here to answer any questions you might have!  
We understand that this is an extremely difficult time for the hoarder, their family, and friends. Our professional, friendly, courteous and non-judgmental crew are trained in this area and we even work with an on site therapist. We are very sensitive to each client and accept you with open arms! Our trucks are discrete and unmarked so neighbors do NOT ask questions! We are the right Hoarding Service in Northern Virginia because we care about YOU the client and treat each case tenderly.
Junk-B-Gone Hoarding Clean Up Services in Northern VA/Fairfax VA

Junk-B-Gone Hoarding Clean Up Services in Northern VA/Fairfax VA

Junk-B-Gone is a professional hoarders cleaning and organizational expert that specializes in cleanup services. Unlike a traditional junk hauler companies that advertise junk all over their trucks, Junk-B-Gone is committed to protecting your privacy. Privacy is important when dealing with hoarders cleaning help and our goal is to transform your living condition into a respectful living space that you can be proud to bring your friends and family back. Best of all we have the means to prevent others from ever knowing you had an issue in the first place. Imagine having family and friends over to visit, cook for, and just to hang out and watch television. While other junk companies are quick to try to kick down the door and junk everything getting the job done as fast as possible with chaos in every room, Junk-B-Gone simplifies the process and works room by room, with care and efficiency no matter the circumstances! We have seen it all and this time in your life can be difficult but give us a call and in a matter of no time we can get your placed cleaned up and the “hoard” of trash will just be a distant memory. We have the know how and to get the job done right leading the Junk Removal industry and setting the standards.
Junk-B-Gone Hoarding Services in Northern Virginia

Junk-B-Gone Hoarding Services in Northern Virginia

Junk-B-Gone Clean Up Includes:

  • An assigned case manager that will help “ hold your hand “ through the whole process. They are trained and compassionate throughout the whole process.
  • No judgments will be made of the hoarders or situation
  • Blank vehicles not advertising what we are doing
  • No conversations with anyone except you or your designated representative
  • Sorting and organizational service for the hoarders items
  • Dumpsters and trucks available for hauling unwanted items

Understanding The Hoarder

Junk-B-Gone understands that the possessions in your home aren’t junk or trash. We understand that these are items which have meaning to you and hold memories. We will implement a plan before we start so that your needs are considered to get your home into a livable condition. Other companies are quick to trash everything and call it a day, but here at Junk-B-Gone we always have a game plan and our team is trained to sort through items and place them in designated bins which we can bring to the home if the items are to be kept.
Unmarked trucks are used during the clean out process so no neighbors will ask questions. If they do ask questions, our staff is trained the same way. They are discrete, warm and friendly, ready to work, and at your beckon call! Give Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services a call today! This is the first step is regaining back your house and starting fresh! We have the man power, the materials, and game plan to tackle an hoarding situation! Not only do we provide the BEST hoarding services in Northern Virginia, but we set the bar of excellence. While other companies may not sweep up the floors, or forget the small items, Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal and Hoarding Services comes in with a swoosh and kicks the competitors to the curb by setting the standard in the Junk Removal industry.
Junk-B-Gone's Unmarked Trucks for Hoarding Services in Northern Virginia

Junk-B-Gone’s Unmarked Trucks for Hoarding Services in Northern Virginia

We are compassionate, caring, hard-working, warm, considerate, meticulous, methodical, most well run Junk Removal and Hoarding Service in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C area. You’ll not only love our work, but you’ll love our companies outlook on the situation. Humor always brightens up the situation you are faced with and we definitely make our clients smile even in the hardest of times! and we don’t charge extra for that 😉 We love what we do and while our competitors just want to get the job done with, Junk-B-Gone sets the bar and standards by asking, “what else can we help you with?”
Junk-B-Gone Northern Virginia Junk Removal Service

Junk-B-Gone Northern Virginia Junk Removal Service