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Junk Removal Services in Springfield, VA

One of the biggest problems in a household is the accumulation of junk. Structures or household items that were once used are outdated or in disrepair now. Throwing them away responsibly requires a lot of work – a responsibility that everyone puts off for a sunnier day. This junk then accumulates without you noticing it. This is where Junk-B-Gone comes in. We help in junk removal, trash removal and debris removal in Springfield VA. We also provide demolition services in Springfield, VA whether that be related to shed demolition or hot tub demolition. Apart from this, we also offer hoarding services in Springfield, VA. One call to Junk-B-Gone is all it takes to get rid of unwanted junk that has gathered over the years.

All of this junk is disposed off responsibly and does not go to a landfill. The junk is sorted and recycled or donated. Junk-B-Gone is a one-stop solution for junk removal and demolition work that needs to be done in the household. We are a professional junk removal company and are known for our removal of junk – may that be furniture, construction debris, old couches, yard debris, carpet, basement clutter, scrap metal, attic clutter, old television sets, tree debris, trash appliances, office clutter, leftover junk from foreclosures or any other type of junk you may have lying around. Junk-B-Gone is also known for helping clean out old sheds, basements, attics, storage spaces, garages and other areas where junk normally accumulates.

Hot Tub Demolition & Removal – Shed Demolition & Removal

Sometimes junk is too big to remove in its current state. This is where Junk-B-Gone provides demolition services. Demolition, if not planned and executed properly, turns into a cumbersome affair and one that is inefficient. Large items like hot tubs, swing sets, play sets or other items that cannot be carried but are installed on site are demolished by us. We then help in the disposal of these items in ways that are environment friendly. We have the tools to demolish such large objects and also clean up the site afterwards.

Hoarding Services in Springfield, VA

In some cases, “junk” may ignite old memories and may be of importance to the family member. We are sensitive to such hoarding service requests and handle such requests delicately. We provide guidance throughout the entire process, so that the hoarder does not feel threatened.

Our Junk Removal services in Springfield VA include:

Junk removal
Trash removal
Hot tub removal and demolition
Shed removal and demolition
Hoarding services
Debris removal
Furniture removal
House clean out service
Garage clean out service

Junk-B-Gone isn’t just a regular junk removal company in Springfield, VA. It is a professional and empathetic organization that cares about the client as much as the client’s stuff. After all, what is now junk was once your most treasured asset.