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  Our pricing is based on volume. Our pricing is pro rated so you do not pay for wasted space! ALL labor and dumping fees are included. Unlike our competitors we provide free estimates!
We provide the most competitive pricing in the Junk Removal industry.
We are a family owned company whose business model holds little overhead, so we reward our clients by providing the BEST possible pricing for the work, and hope to gain your business! We always share a warm smile with YOU the client, and make sure you are satisfied! It is hard nowadays to find a local companies, with the industry being monopolized with high priced, main stream companies, you can always count on Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Services to be there with a swoosh kicking the competition to the curb, providing the absolute best pricing possible! Our goal is to gain your business and KEEP it! Like I’ve said before, Local Companies are the way to go! It is how you get the most competitive pricing, and it is how you get the best possible service!  
Minimum $95
1/4 $150
Half $295
3/4 $420
Full Load $525
  The next time you need junk removal, demolition or trash hauling away service, call ┬áJunk-B-Gone for the lowest Northern VA junk removal and trash hauling prices! The Junk Removal Industry can be gross at times, but you can always count on Junk-B-Gone Junk Removal Service to act professional, get the job done promptly and efficiently! I always refer to the other companies as “competitors” but at the end of the day, when you hire and use Junk-B-Gone, you’ll see first hand why we are the leading service and why the only competition is marketing. When hiring us, our warm, customer service defeats all the other companies and which is why there is ZERO competition when going up against Junk-B-Gone!
Junk-B-Gone Northern Virginia Junk Removal Service

Junk-B-Gone Northern Virginia Junk Removal Service